8 Week Online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (MBSR)

A new way of experiencing and enhancing your life and the lives of your patients and clients.





Content: 8 Weeks

Skill level: All levels

CPD Points: 12 (inc. meditations)


Material delivered by weekly email

Lifetime access to emails

Access to class Learning Management System

Experienced guiding teacher online to guide your practice

Podcast with an introduction on ‘How to introduce Mindfulness into your work environment’

Available on IOS and Android

Certificate of completion


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8 Week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme (online with podcast, video links and more)

Monday 21st May 2018


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This training is for professionals who are seeking complements to western medicine to relieve suffering and enhance benefits of health and wellness. It has already transformed the lives of many professionals working in healthcare, education, holistic care and the corporate environment in Ireland, the UK, Australia and Canada.

If you are truly ready to make a positive change for you and your patients/clients and you commit to this programme, you will transform your personal and working life and the lives of your patients/clients.


You will receive an 8 week online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme. This will include 8 weeks of content grounded in science to include video, a guiding teacher to answer your queries, inclusion on our Discussion Forum with like minded individuals, research reports, assignments and a podcast at the end of the course with an introduction to Mindfulness in your professional practice/context.


During each stage of the programme a Guiding Teacher will be present both online and live to direct the learning process by synthesizing emerging themes, answering questions, and providing ongoing participant feedback. All of our Guiding Teachers have over a decade of mindfulness practice and broad teaching experience with different clinical and corporate populations.


    • You do not need to have any former knowledge or experience of Mindfulness
    • It is important for you to be able to find the time to do the meditations every day in order to experience the benefits
    • A quiet place where you can just ‘be’ so that you can perform the meditations
    • In order to participate fully in the course, 4 hours of your time per week is required.
    • You are required to submit 3 short assignments during the course to receive your certificate of completion.

    Please note: This course can be viewed as a pre-requisite to the MBCT Teacher Training Diploma.


Week 1 Introduction to Mindfulness, Concentration, Insight
Week 2 Bringing the Mind home to the Body, Neuroscience
Week 3 Exploring Physical and Mental limits, Positivity Ratio, Neuroplasticity

Week 4 The Negativity Bias, the Limbic System, the ABC model of Emotions
Week 5 Exploring Difficulty
Week 6 Exploring Identity, Cultivating Compassion
Week 7 Positive Psychology and Gratitude, Depleting and Nourishing activities
Week 8 Our Belief System, Addiction, Integrating Mindfulness into your life


99% of participants on this course experienced an improvement in their ability to manage stress levels. They have also recommended this course to their clients. Read on….

This was an excellent course. I enjoyed the combination of practical and theoretical material which helped me to understand the benefits of the process. I found it helpful personally and also to further support clients on their journey of self awareness.

Laura - participant on Oct 2016 course

I found this course it be very enjoyable and informative and the material delivered was excellent compared to other online courses I have done. I have started incorporating mindfulness into my own life and my stress levels have decreased. I put it down to this course .I can honestly say it has changed my life.

Veronica Mavromatis - participant on April 2016 course

This course is so enlightening. It is a fantastic course and I am so pleased I took it! I will use it throughout my life moving forward and I really look forward to looking into more courses with yourselves.

Aimee Lawson - participant on May 2015 course

Everything about this course has been excellent in terms of its content, layout, presentation, theory, practical examples, downloads and of course meditation exercises. It suited me so much better than having to free up time to travel to a centre for 8 consecutive weeks. Having all the material on my phone as well as the mp3 player meant that I could -and did freely refer to any part of the course at any time. Therefore I could could enjoy and complete the course in the comfort of my own time and my own space. Simply flawless!

Jill Hancock - participant on June 2016 course

I have just completed your 8 week excellently delivered online mindfulness course. I found the course was uplifting and very insightful. I am integrating mindfulness not only into my personal life but also into my professional life. It sets me up for the day, has greatly reduced my stress levels of which I was not aware were very high. I have recommended it to several of my colleagues. Thanking you – keep the good work up.

Jackie Greene - participant on July 2016 course

Wow a fantastic course to start you on your mindfulness for life journey. Week 6 & 7 were by far the best and should be thought in every school. Couldn’t recommend highly enough, tough work at times but 100% worth it.

Sinead - participant on July 2016 course

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and having done mindfulness courses in groups before, I wasn’t sure how an online course would work for me. I found it great to know that I could read and practice whenever I could make the time. The flexibility of this is wonderful, as life often doesn’t allow for us to travel to a course venue at a set time each week. I liked that I could read and re-read the material as I needed. Finally, the fact that it was an online course challenged me to consider if the material was impacting on me or not. One either does the work, or doesn’t; makes space to cultivate mindfulness, or doesn’t.

Sean - participant on Sept 2016 course

I really enjoyed the course, it was informative and lateral in the way that I was able to learn in a variety of ways through mp3, reading and listening. I liked how there was the neuro-scientific explanation about how and why mindfulness is useful to individuals enabling me to use it in everyday life with the understanding of how is works in line with your mind.

Ezequiel - participant on Oct 2016 course

Life changing. Thanks!

Charlotte - participant on Oct 2016 course

I found this course very good. I was able to move through each section at my own pace and that was a huge benefit to me. I enjoyed opening a new session each week and learning new material. It helped me understand myself better and it give me a different outlook on relationships. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

Jaime - participant on Oct 2016 course

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have become a better person since learning the techniques and carrying out the mindfulness tasks. I really want to further myself in this field and increase my emotional intelligence. Thanks to all involved. The future is now!:)

Linz - participant on Oct 2016 course

The course was very well organised and the content was excellent. The weekly delivery method was well planned and the meditation exercises well thought out and appropriate. Overall an excellent introduction to mindfulness practice for anyone ‘talking the talk’ but not ‘walking the walk’. By the end of the eight weeks you will have learned new habits and self-awareness that you will want to keep and further develop.

Bernadette - participant on Oct 2016 course

I have enjoyed many different kinds of meditation over the years but feel that some of those methods offer only a momentary escape. Not that there is anything wrong with this as those practices were a great starting block. But I have been wanting something more along the lines of what this course has offered and it has provided me with some scientific understanding and also the practical exercises to work with. It is the beginning of something wonderful I’m certain.

Virginia Congdon - participant on Oct 2016 course

An excellent course that raises an awareness of the possibility of a better quality of life, through gaining an understanding of what it would be like to have a mindful existence. It is a well formulated course worthy of perseverance.

Trudy - participant on Oct 2016 course


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