Applied Mindfulness for Organisations

Mindfulness at work Programme: Self-care for Employees

Programme to manage Mental Health in the Workplace and transform your employees lives


Content: 3 Hour Onsite Introduction Programme PLUS

Practice: 4 Week Online Mindfulness & Meditation Work Course

Skill level: Beginners


Mix of multimedia materials to engage learning

Dedicated Mindfulness player to help with your Mindfulness practice while on the move

Access to Mindfulness Discussion Forum

Lifetime access to emails

Certificate of Completion at the end of the course

Mobile-friendly: supports Apple iOS and Google Android devices

Training days

Please contact us for training dates in your organisation at 020 3642 4456 or email us at

What makes our approach different?

More and more organisations are embracing Mindfulness as an approach to improving effectiveness and productivity. Examples include Google, Prudential, Transport for London, the NHS and eBay which have all launched Mindfulness programmes.

Our workplace options are tailored to suit organisations time restraints while keeping in mind the need to achieve the powerful benefits of Mindfulness. Scientific research has shown that Mindfulness needs to be practiced over a period of time in order to obtain the benefits. As a result of this, The Irish Mindfulness Institute has introduced a combination of face to face and online training to support Mindfulness at Work practices.

Delivery Options

Option 1: Face to Face Introduction to Mindfulness at Work

3 hour session, corporate location based
Content covered:

  • To understand what mindfulness is
  • To examine the science behind Mindfulness
  • To experience Mindfulness at Work techniques

Option 2: Online Mindfulness at Work Programme

This course is delivered by email every Monday morning over a 4 week period beginning with the Introduction and Week 1 on the commencement date of the course. The information is self paced, accessible in your own time and there is no requirement to be online at any particular time. Information, videos and meditations sent to you by email are available to you indefinitely so that you can continue your Mindfulness practice once the course is completed.

Students of the course are required to participate in discussion using our Online Learning Management System (LMS) on three separate occasions during the course. This is a requirement in order to receive the certificate of satisfactory completion. This must be done during the 4 week period as the discussion forum closes down a short period after the course finishes. It is the continuous practice in small sessions daily for the 4 week period which produces the benefits. Progress will be continually assessed by the British Mindfulness Institute while the course in running.

Option 3: Face to Face Introduction, plus Online Mindfulness at Work Programme

What are the requirements?

  • An interest in introducing a well-being programme to your work environment
  • A need to reduce stress, increase productivity, and raise the morale of your staff

What benefits am I going to get if I stick with the course?

  • Greater vitality, enthusiasm and happiness
  • Calmer and able to deal with stress and challenges
  • More fulfilling relationships
  • Greater resilience
  • Less stress and increased happiness levels
  • Improvement in communication
  • Enhanced interpersonal relationships
  • More insight, creativity and clarity
  • More self accepting and self confident


An extensive body of academic research supports the benefits of mindfulness practice for mental performance, emotional wellbeing, physical health and more. Recent developments from the field of neuroscience show that mindfulness practice produces positive changes in the structure and functioning of the brain.


Week 1 Introduction to Mindfulness, Concentration, Insight, Bringing the Mind home to the Body, Neuroscience
Week 2 Exploring Physical and Mental limits, Positivity Ratio, Neuroplasticity, The Negativity Bias, the Limbic System, the ABC model of Emotions
Week 3 Exploring Difficulty, Exploring Identity, Cultivating Compassion
Week 4 Positive Psychology and Gratitude, Depleting and Nourishing activities, Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, Integrating Mindfulness into your life

A Mindfulness-based programme offered to workers at Transport for London resulted in Major changes to the level of health-related absenteeism. Days taken off due stress, depression fell by over 70% in the following three years. Those who took the course also reported significant improvements in their quality of life and 53% said they were happier in their job

Mental Health Foundation (2010), Mindfulness Report London

In the UK alone it has been estimated that the cost of stress to business is around £1800 per employee per year

Government Business (2011) The fine line between pressure and stress

“We recently organised a Mindfulness introduction for our staff with the British Mindfulness Institute. The presentation was excellent and a really positive experience – I also found it to be calming and very relaxing. I am planning on integrating what I learned from the presentation into my life and work practise on a daily basis. I especially enjoyed the interactive discussions which people got to tease out their different ways of thinking and their ideas of what mindfulness is to them.The facilitator was lovely, very knowledgeable, warm and welcoming, which in turn got people relaxed and more open to asking questions.
I would like to thank the British Mindfulness Institute for giving us a taste of mindfulness and an appetite for more. Hope to you have you back very soon!”

Jerome, Public Sector Employee
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